DWU offering prizes for Defending Your Drain

DWU offering prizes for Defending Your Drain

An education and outreach effort from Dallas Water Utilities awards prizes for residents who do their part to keep the city’s wastewater treatment system running smoothly.

The Defend Your Drains (DYD) Contest encourages residents to properly dispose of items that could cause sewage backups. The contest runs through Sept. 9. Prizes include an iPad Mini, a Perot Museum of Nature and Science family membership and a $75 gift card.

13876562_487521024751856_3086939274424814236_nTo enter, like the Dallas Water Utilities Facebook page and post images of yourself defending your drains at home. Earn points for up to ten events. Each event will only be credited once, so multiple events must be entered for the best chance to win. The highest scoring contestant will win the gold prize; the second highest score wins the silver prize; and the third highest score wins the bronze prize. The remaining top 10 scores will win a DYD gift bag.

Point standings will be posted weekly on Dallas Water Utilities Facebook page. For more information and a video of the rules click here.

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