Dallas Public Library needs public’s help to fund Book Bike vehicle

Dallas Public Library needs public’s help to fund Book Bike vehicle

The Dallas Public Library hopes to soon begin operating a unique mobile library outpost, providing pop-up access to books and library services at parks, festivals, parades and other community gatherings.

It’s called a Book Bike, and the library is nearly halfway to its goal of raising $2,500 to fund the people-powered program, said Dallas Public Library Director Jo Giudice. “The Book Bike will allow our staff to pedal around the city, reaching people who may not be aware of the resources available to them at the library.”

Library Urban Information Specialist Mark Draz was inspired to develop a Book Bike in Dallas after seeing the success of the program in libraries from Austin to Tucson. “The goal is to enliven public spaces with a free and fun interaction with library staff,” Draz said.


Deep Ellum’s Hub Bicycle Company will build the Book Bike trailer in partnership with the library. It will carry about 100 books, and the capacity to carry a mobile hotspot and mobile tools like laptops and tablets.

“The Book Bike will go where the people are and talk to them on their own terms,” said Library Urban Information Manager J. Morgan Rowe-Morris. “It will also expand access to library information tools, materials, and assist people who have difficulty reaching a library. This is especially important for reaching traditionally underserved Dallas residents,” he said.

For more information and to make a donation visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/dallas-public-library-book-bike-health–2#/.

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