Dallas Office of Homeless Solutions launches Give Responsibly Campaign

DALLAS – The Office of Homeless Solutions (OHS) is excited to announce the implementation of the Give Responsibly campaign, which encourages residents to donate to charitable organizations that assist the unsheltered population, resulting in a more sustainable impact than the short-term engagement of street charity.

The campaign offers multiple options, making it easy to donate, including a text option where residents can text the word CARES to 214-740-4886 and receive a direct link to the OHS Donate webpage.

Once on the Donate webpage, residents can choose from three ways to donate to the unsheltered community via:

1. Communities Foundation of Texas
2. Responsible Giving: via one of our OHS partner organizations; or
3. Give to one of the 100+ unsheltered service provider members of the local Continuum of Care

The purpose of this campaign is to reduce the unintended consequences of street charity, such as the exacerbation of continued homelessness, dramatic increases in litter, and traffic light outages caused by rodents attracted by litter, chewing through lighting wires. It’s natural to want to give to our neighbors who are experiencing homelessness, however, the one-off nature of direct giving does not provide an opportunity for individuals to be linked to services capable of addressing the root causes of their need and creates potential safety issues for donors and recipients.

Support nonprofit homeless service providers by volunteering or donating funds to provide the most effective, and sustainable way to help those experiencing homelessness. Help not only feed and clothe our unsheltered neighbors; help them improve their quality of life through charitable donations that link them to a new home.

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