Dallas Love Field Prepares for Busy Holiday Travel This Thanksgiving Season

Dallas Love Field Prepares for Busy Holiday Travel This Thanksgiving Season

DALLAS – As the holiday season approaches, Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL) forewarns passengers of potential challenges stemming from increased travel volumes. DAL, the busiest medium-hub airport in the U.S., is expected to see a record-breaking number of travelers this Thanksgiving. The airport anticipates serving over half a million passengers from Nov. 16 to Nov. 28, about a 15 – 20% increase from last year. Expecting heightened congestion and limited parking availability, the airport strongly advises travelers to check dallas-lovefield.com before arriving, consider alternative transportation options and plan for extended wait times.

Though the entire week of Thanksgiving 2023 and the weekends surrounding it will be extremely busy, the highest volume of passenger departures at DAL will fall on:

  • Friday, Nov. 17
  • Monday, Nov. 20
  • Tuesday, Nov. 21
  • Wednesday, Nov. 22
  • Friday, Nov. 24
  • Saturday, Nov.25
  • Sunday, Nov. 26

Limited Parking Availability:

DAL wishes to remind travelers that all 10,000+ garage parking spots are first-come, first-served, including valet. The airport’s three garages will likely experience a surge in self-parkers during the holiday season, resulting in parking constraints.  Utilization of alternative transportation solutions, such as off-site parking facilities (e.g., The Parking Spot), ride-sharing services, public transportation, or coordination of drop-offs by friends or family, is encouraged for a smoother arrival process.

Anticipated Increase in Wait Times and Lines:

Due to the higher-than-usual number of travelers, DAL anticipates longer wait times at security checkpoints, ticket counters, and other key areas. Passengers should plan accordingly and arrive at least two hours before their scheduled departure times to account for potential delays.

To better accommodate the increased passenger traffic, ticket counters and security checkpoints will open early on select days, ensuring a smoother and more efficient experience for all travelers.

Travel Tips for a Seamless Journey:

  • Plan Ahead: Check your flight status using the Flight Tracker and plan your arrival time accordingly.
  • Consider Alternatives: Explore alternative parking options and transportation methods.
  • Arrive Early: Allow extra time for check-in, security screening, and boarding.
  • Stay Informed: Stay updated on airport conditions and follow Dallas Love Field’s official communication channels on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (@DallasLoveField).
  • To view more travel tips: dallaslovefield.com

DAL is thrilled to welcome the most holiday travelers it has ever seen for Thanksgiving. As always, the airport’s operations staff will work closely with its airline and service provider partners to ensure the best and safest travel experience possible, and customer service staff will be available 24/7 to assist with any passenger concerns or needs.

About Dallas Love Field:

In operation since 1917, Dallas Love Field (DAL) is leading the evolution of the airport experience. In 2019, DAL reached a milestone by serving nearly 17 million passengers, the most in its history. DAL is the proud recipient of the Airport Service Quality Award for North American Airports that serve 15 – 25 million passengers for three consecutive years (2018, 2019 and 2020).

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