Dallas Love Field to host pilot project for Southwest Airlines’ Thermal Screening Initiative

Dallas Love Field to host pilot project for Southwest Airlines’ Thermal Screening Initiative

In an ongoing effort to examine additional safety measures related to the COVID-19
pandemic, Dallas Love Field (DAL) will host a Southwest Airlines pilot project that explores the use of
thermal screening cameras to assess body temperatures of outbound airline passengers. Beginning by
early August, thermal cameras will be positioned at various locations prior to the Transportation
Security Administration’s (TSA) security checkpoint entrance.

“The safety of our customers and employees is priority number one at all times, but especially during
the COVID-19 pandemic,” Dallas Love Field Director Mark Duebner said. “We are happy to partner with
our friends at Southwest Airlines to host this important initiative.”

It is the intention that Southwest and the airport will utilize a third-party contractor to facilitate the
thermal screening demonstration, while evaluating potential technology, line and wait time
management, and operational protocols.
During the first phase of the study, the thermal scans will not be linked to specific individuals, and the
results will only be used for research purposes. The information gleaned from the study will guide
future decision-making regarding the deployment of screening initiatives at Dallas Love Field and,
possibly, other airport locations which Southwest serves.

Southwest Airlines is headquartered in Dallas and has the highest number of daily flights at Dallas Love
Field, which makes the airport an ideal location for this joint study of thermal screening technology and

procedures. The airport and Southwest appreciate the support from the TSA regarding this project and
are committed to sharing any pertinent observations with the agency on an ongoing basis.

“Southwest always operates a multi-layered approach to supporting the well-being of travelers and
employees, which is especially important during the current COVID-19 pandemic,” said Scott Halfmann,
Vice President of Safety and Security at Southwest Airlines. “We are pleased to partner with Dallas Love
Field on this pilot project as thermal screenings could be an important, additional layer of precaution
that Southwest can offer customers starting at the very beginning of their travel journey.”

Dallas Love Field served nearly 17 million passengers in 2019, the most in its history. July 2019 was DAL’s
busiest month ever with more than 750,000 enplaned passengers and nearly 1.5 million total

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