Dallas’ Fleet Management recognized for excellence

Dallas’ Fleet Management recognized for excellence

The City of Dallas has been ranked fifth in the nation on the “100 Best Fleets” list sponsored by the 100 Best Fleets Program and published in Governing Magazine.

The Equipment and Building Services staff was honored in part due to it’s impressive effect on the economy and its fresh and innovative ideas.
“You have demonstrated your commitment to society,” said Tom C. Johnson, founder of the 100 Best Fleets Program. “You are helping to create the future of Fleets in the Americas.”

Ranking fleets are selected from over 38,000 public fleets across North America. Criteria for consideration includes accountability, use of technology, collaborative efforts, creativity, trust in culture, efficient turnaround, pricing, staff development, and resource stewardship.

“Managing over 5,000 vehicles is not an easy task, but our team is efficient and committed to continuously improving our services,” said Errick Thompson, Department Director for Equipment and Building Services. “It’s an honor to be recognized nationally for the hard work our team puts in to delivering this service.”

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