Dallas Fire-Rescue stories of bravery and sacrifice: Jeffery L. Delbert

Dallas Fire-Rescue stories of bravery and sacrifice: Jeffery L. Delbert

Studies show that the risk of being diagnosed with cancer is higher among firefighters due to the toxins to which they are exposed in the line of duty. Firefighters, like their first responder brethren, run towards dangerous conditions while most run from it.

Jeffery Lee Delbert spent most of his life manning the watch as a Driver Engineer for the cities of Allen, McKinney and over 10 years with Dallas Fire Rescue (DFR). Born in Mesquite on April 9, 1967, he spent most of his life as a resident of Canton, a city of just over 3,000 60 miles east of Dallas.


Along the way, Delbert married his wife Dena and fathered three children, Lee, Matthew and Makayla while selflessly putting his life on the line every shift to serve and protect others.

Jeffrey Lee Delbert answered the final alarm on Nov. 17, 2006, the victim of brain cancer caused by years of exposure to carcinogenic toxins from fighting fires. He was just 39 years old. Delbert’s death serves as the bench-mark for the continued long-term protections and benefits afforded first responders for their years of selfless heroism and service.

Since its inception, DFR has lost 70 in the line of duty. From John Clark in 1902 to William Scott Tanksley in 2014, DFR firefighters and paramedics have answered the final alarm with a long history of tradition, selflessness and sacrifice.

Dallas Fire-Rescue will hold a 2015 Memorial Service on at 10 a.m. Oct. 24 at 5000 Dolphin Road. This every five year event will honor fallen firefighters and their families.
To learn more about Dallas Fire-Rescue and review their incredible history visit http://www.dallasfirerescue.com/.

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