Dallas City Council approves new housing policy dedicated to reducing racial disparities in Dallas housing

Dallas City Council approves new housing policy dedicated to reducing racial disparities in Dallas housing

The Dallas City Council today approved a new housing policy, Dallas Housing Policy 2033 (DHP33), intended to replace the Comprehensive Housing Policy. With this new policy, the City seeks to continue to reduce disparities that disproportionately impact historically disadvantaged communities by providing quality affordable mixed-income housing initiatives across Dallas.

“I am proud to see the 11 Racial Equity Assessment recommendations we adopted one year ago to address the historic racial disparities in Dallas housing come to fruition today,” Chair of the Housing and Homeless Solutions Committee and District 3 Council Member Casey Thomas, II said. “This is just one of many steps I hope the City will continues to take to provide affordable housing and lay the foundation for building equity and generational wealth in Black and Latino communities.”

DHP33 is designed to work across City departments in a collaborative manner, leveraging their expertise and resources to impact residential communities. To do this the DHP33 has seven Pillars of Housing Equity: 1 Equity Strategy Target Areas, 2 Citywide Production, 3 Citywide Preservation, 4 Infrastructure, 5 Collaboration and Coordination, 6 Engagement, and 7 Education.

“City staff has worked tirelessly to develop a replacement for the Comprehensive Housing Policy that reflects a rapidly changing Dallas and the evolving needs of our residents,” Department of Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization Director David Noguera said. “With the development of these seven pillars, we will be able to take actionable steps to ensure City resources are directed towards our most disadvantaged communities.”

Along with the new policy, The Dallas Housing Resource Catalog (DHRC) is as a document that catalogs all housing programs, corporations and compliance, and funding resources.  The catalog also demonstrates how each program and resource aligns with the seven pillars of housing equity.

To read the full policy in English and Spanish and access the catalog, visit: www.dallashousingpolicy.com

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