Dallas Animal Services and Spay Neuter Network Partner for Free Community Cat Services

Dallas Animal Services and Spay Neuter Network Partner for Free Community Cat Services

 Program aims to reduce the free-roaming cat population by aiding Trap-Neuter-Return 

Dallas Animal Services (DAS) and Spay Neuter Network (SNN) have partnered to provide free spay/neuter services for Dallas area free-roaming cats. Rabies vaccination, FVRCP vaccination, microchip and ear-tip are included with surgery.  Ear tipping is a procedure where the tip of the left ear is clipped while under anesthesia. This process is painless and is important once you release the cat back into the community. If the cat is trapped again, the trapper will know it has already been fixed and vaccinated.  DAS and Alley Cat Allies believe that this is the most humane way to reduce overpopulation of free-roaming cats.  

“SNN, is committed to helping reduce pet overpopulation, and this includes the free-roaming cats in our community. SNN and DAS are working together to make these services more accessible to our community members so that we can help more cats,” said Jordan Craig, Executive Director of SNN. 

To participate in the program, the applicant must first get an SR number from City of Dallas 3-1-1. This is done online by visiting https://dallascrm.my.site.com/public/servicetypes, selecting “Animal Care and Control” and then “Animal Community Cat Program.”  Only one SR number is required per address.  

Once the applicant has a SR number, they may bring cats trapped in a humane trap to Spay Neuter Network’s Dallas clinic. Each applicant may bring up to 4 cats each day. Twelve total cats per day will be accepted on Thursdays and Fridays starting in January.  

The SR number must be presented when cats are dropped at the clinic. The program requires that the cat is feral or un-owned. Cats must be free-roaming cats within the City of Dallas; this program does not cover kittens that are trapped and then go into a rescue group for adoption. The city will not pick up the cost associated with the services rendered if a cat is found to already be spayed or neutered or if you do not have an SR number, city funding will not pick up the cost associated with the services rendered.  

About Spay Neuter Network 

Spay Neuter Network’s mission is to eliminate pet overpopulation through spay/neuter, while empowering communities to care responsibly for dogs and cats. This mission is accomplished by providing free and affordable spay/neuter, wellness and vaccination services for dogs and cats across Texas. Their goal is to reduce shelter intake and create compassionate communities free of homeless pets. 

Spay Neuter Network operates four spay/neuter clinics, a surgery transport service for those with limited transportation, and a Mobile Animal Spay/Neuter Hospital (MASH) in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and San Antonio where they provide affordable pet vaccinations, sterilizations, and pet care resources to more than 36 cities. Spay Neuter Network performs an average of 25,000 surgeries annually and provides wellness and preventative services, supporting 50,000 pets each year on average at little to no cost to pet owners across Texas. To learn more about Spay Neuter Network or donate, visit www.spayneuternet.org

About Dallas Animal Services 

Dallas Animal Services (DAS) is one of the largest municipal animal shelters in the country, taking in any Dallas pet in need, regardless of space. DAS serves tens of thousands of pets and even more people within the City of Dallas each year. Dallas Animal Services’ mission is to help Dallas be a safe, compassionate, and healthy place for people and animals. Learn more at BeDallas90.org. 

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