City publishes 2015 Economic Development Profile

City publishes 2015 Economic Development Profile

The City of Dallas’ Office of Economic Development (OED) recently released its 2015 Economic Development Profile so that businesses and citizens can use the best available data to make informed decisions about locating and growing within Dallas.
The Economic Profile represents the current business climate for local, national, and international firms and investors. OED’s annual profile is the product of a full-service economic development program that leads the City’s business and real estate development efforts. OED supports existing and prospective Dallas businesses and the development and redevelopment of downtown and neighborhoods in southern Dallas.

“This document is one of the most important products OED produces,” said Tim Glass, Research and Information Division Manager for the Dallas Office of Economic Development. “Whether in digital or print format, it is something that we can use anytime we’re meeting with corporate or real estate clients. It is designed to present the City of Dallas to those unfamiliar with our great economic climate, and it serves as a gateway to the many other data products we produce.”

For 2015, OED included additional information on small business and workforce development and added additional indicators to help convey substantial growth in the local economy. And the new profile is encouraging–Dallas continues to be the economic center of North Texas.

The profile indicates a low unemployment rate and record growth for personal income, construction activity, gross sales, economic output, and home sales. Downtown Dallas has also become a true live-work-play environment, with nearly 7,000 residential units and a new energy in the office market.

“All of this growth is happening while the City maintains the lowest cost of living among major U.S. metros,” said Glass. “This is great for business and great for our residents.”

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