City of Dallas to host multicultural youth gathering  

City of Dallas to host multicultural youth gathering  

DALLAS – The Dallas Police Department Office of Community Affairs is collaborating with the Mark Cuban Heroes Center to host “Explore Asia: Multicultural Youth Gathering,” on Saturday, Oct. 21, 2023, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.  

All are welcome to attend the event, which is dedicated to bringing together young individuals from diverse communities and foster meaningful interactions. 

“’Explore Asia: Multicultural Youth Gathering’ is an opportunity for our youth to learn, grow, and embrace the richness of diverse cultures, reinforcing the bonds that make our community strong,” said Jesse Reyes, Chief of Community Engagement Bureau at the Dallas Police Department.  “Together, we can build a safer, more connected future.”  

There will be engaging booths, creative crafts, game stations, as well as captivating cultural performances. Our vendors will cover a range of topics including Asian history, youth safety concerns such as human trafficking, and drug and internet crimes prevention. The event will also feature booths from various youth groups. 

“The beauty of the Cuban Center is we have a diverse group of young people that train and visit us on a weekly basis. Some of our visitors are from as close as North Dallas, Forney, and some as far as Germany, France, China, Slovenia, and Senegal,” said Trina Terrell-Andrews, CEO of Mark Cuban Heroes Basketball Center. “It is important to us for our young people to learn about, respect and appreciate other cultures. Familiarity with other cultures not only broadens our horizons, but it builds compassion, understanding and new connections, which are so desperately needed nowadays.” 

For more information, please call the Office of Community Affairs at:214-671-4045 or email: [email protected]

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