City of Dallas Takes the Lead in Mental Health Awareness: Harmony CDC Commits to Providing Support

City of Dallas Takes the Lead in Mental Health Awareness: Harmony CDC Commits to Providing Support

The City of Dallas kicked off Mental Health Awareness month and our partnership with Harmony Community Development Corporation (CDC) by hosting a proclamation reading on May 8, 2024.

Council Member Zarin Gracey, District 3, read the proclamation and emphasized the importance of addressing mental health openly, while creating environments that nurture well-being, resilience, and inclusivity.    

Harmony CDC leaders shared compelling personal stories aimed at reducing the stigma surrounding mental health and encouraging residents to seek support and services available for free. The ceremony featured special remarks from city officials, esteemed community leaders, and a captivating poetry performance, emphasizing the importance of fostering a compassionate and supportive environment for all individuals. 

 “It is imperative that we utilize every available resource to cultivate a mentally healthy community,” said Mark Porter, Director of Harmony CDC. “Our mission is to foster a supportive and caring environment where the mental health of every individual is valued. We cannot ignore the distress evident in our community, from instances of violence to the challenges of poverty.” 

A CertaPet study highlighted the significant barriers faced by uninsured individuals in accessing mental health treatment. Recognizing this disparity, Harmony CDC offers free counseling services, made possible through a generous grant from the City of Dallas. Additionally, the organization provides tele-appointments, ensuring that community members can access support from the comfort of their homes. 

To learn more about the CertaPet study, visit here. For information on how to connect with Harmony CDC and access mental health resources, please visit here

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