City of Dallas Small Business Center launches inaugural Microgrant Program

City of Dallas Small Business Center launches inaugural Microgrant Program

The City of Dallas Small Business Center, a trailblazer in community support, proudly announces the launch of its inaugural Microgrant Program, a cutting-edge initiative designed to fuel the growth of small businesses and drive local development.  

This innovative microgrant program is set to provide a lifeline for small enterprises facing economic challenges, offering a unique opportunity to access financial support that can make a substantial impact on their operations. Recognizing the vital role small businesses play in our community, Small Business Center aims to empower and uplift entrepreneurs who are the backbone of our local economy.  

Key Features of the City of Dallas Small Business Center’s Microgrant Program: 

  1.  Financial Boost: Granting direct financial assistance to eligible small businesses, fostering stability and growth. 
  2. Inclusivity: A commitment to inclusivity by considering applications from a diverse range of sectors and backgrounds. 
  3. Digital Innovation: Embracing technology, the application process is streamlined and accessible through our user-friendly online platform.  

Applications for the Microgrant Program will open on March 5 and be available here: Small Business Microgrants Program – Source Dallas. 

“We want to be intentional about this opportunity to support small businesses who have continued to be challenged by the effects of COVID on their businesses. It is our hope these micro-grants will have a larger ripple effect for supporting sustainability of these small businesses,” said Joyce Williams, Director of Small Business Center. 

To learn more about the Microgrant Program and eligibility criteria, please visit: Small Business Microgrants Program – Source Dallas. Together, let’s build a stronger future for our community through the support of small businesses.  

About City of Dallas Small Business Center:  

Established in December 2021, the City of Dallas Small Business Center brings together the City’s business diversity, workforce development, and entrepreneurship programs to provide support-related activities to champion the growth and development needs of small business, and workforce readiness and re-entry services for residents.  

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