City of Dallas expands Period Access Dallas Initiative

The City of Dallas Office of Community Care (OCC), in partnership with Dallas Public Library and Dallas Park and Recreation is excited to announce the expansion of the Period Access Dallas (PAD) initiative.

The initiative, piloted with funding from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and expanded with support from the Racial Equity Fund, provides free menstrual hygiene products such as pads and tampons to people in need as they are made available in community centers, recreation centers and libraries.

“The collaborative effort administered by the Office of Community Care will have over seventy facilities distribute free period products to those in need,” said Office of Community Care Director Jessica Galleshaw. “This initiative is specifically designed to help align our city’s efforts to promote equity. People who can’t afford menstrual products face the risk of missing school or work just because they do not have access to free period products.”

“Menstrual hygiene is fundamental to a person’s dignity and well-being and an important part of basic health services. Many individuals do not have access to materials for managing their menstruation in a safe and hygienic manner,” said Councilwoman Paula Blackmon. “Our residents shouldn’t have to choose between maintaining their health or attending school and work. This is a public health and economic equity initiative”.

Women and children can now access to free period products to more locations which can be viewed on the OCC PAD website

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