City Manager responds to concerns about Police Chief panels

City Manager responds to concerns about Police Chief panels

“My focus today is appreciating the lives and service of the fallen officers and recognizing the sacrifices our first responders make each day to protect and serve this community,” said City Manager T.C. Broadnax.

Broadnax made the comments in response to concerns expressed by police associations regarding the panel process. Broadnax stressed the panelists will have no decision-making authority over the final candidate selection.

“I am working to make this process as transparent and inclusive as possible to ensure that we address all concerns of the community,” Broadnax said. “Police officers are charged with protecting everyone, so panelists should reflect the perspectives of a broad spectrum of our city.”

Broadnax further states “I am hopeful that the new chief will have the capacity, wisdom and appreciation for the diversity in perspectives, approaches, attitudes and expectations that will be needed to lead the fine men and women of the Dallas Police Department. My commitment to transparency and inclusiveness will not be guided by popularity or be reduced to talking about specific individuals, groups or organizations.”


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