City employee rescues kitten from City Hall garage

City employee rescues kitten from City Hall garage

Sir Tobias Mewer, Toby for short, was found by City Hall employee Janet Gifford in the employee parking garage. Gifford is a life-long animal advocate, who has several other rescued animals, and Toby fit right in.

First seen in the L2 parking garage at City Hall, Toby quickly learned how to survive. He lived among City vehicles that aren’t frequently used, coming out in the evenings to hunt for food. Gifford heard about this, and started looking for him by checking cars for tiny paw prints. She left out small dishes of cat food, looking for where he tended to hide out.

Gifford narrowed down the area that Toby frequented and set out a trap to safely catch and transport him to Dallas Animal Services. Working with DAS staff and volunteers, she got Toby fast-tracked through the DAS system, where he was checked by a veterinarian, neutered and given his shots. A day later, she took him home to begin the slow process of socializing him with her other animals.

Currently, Toby lives in Gifford’s master bath – a space where he can feel safe, but is slowly becoming more confident with each day.

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