Charter Review Commission Begins Reviewing Amendments, Advances Nine for Further Deliberation

Charter Review Commission Begins Reviewing Amendments, Advances Nine for Further Deliberation

More than 70 amendments expected to be considered over the next three months 

On Thursday, Jan. 11, the Charter Review Commission took a major step in making its recommendation to City Council by reviewing and moving to advance nine technical charter amendments to the body’s final deliberation later this spring. 

After three months of soliciting amendments, consulting experts, and establishing process, the Commission took up nine technical changes proposed by city staff, the City Secretary’s Office, and the City Attorney’s Office.  The amendments focused on ensuring that Dallas’ foundational document was in line with current case law and changes in state statute. All nine were advanced, with eight of nine amendments advanced unanimously. 

“This is an important step in preparing a recommendation to City Council,” said Chairman Allen Vaught. “These are the kinds of amendments that ensure the city is in alignment with all state and federal laws and build consensus on the Commission as we advance into these next stages of consideration.” 

As the Commission continues to meet, they will move into other categories of amendments: operational and policy. Those categories are expected to generate the most conversation, and the Commission will continue to engage the public throughout the process. Each amendment will be included or excluded from a final consideration list. Ultimately, the Commission will use its last meetings to review the list and cast a final vote adopting a report containing the Commission’s final recommendation to City Council.  

The deadline for the public to propose amendments is Friday, Jan.19, and the next Commission meeting is Tuesday, Jan. 23 at 6:30 p.m. and will focus on any remaining technical amendments and several operational amendments. To submit an amendment for consideration or to provide feedback on submitted amendments, please email [email protected] or visit the Charter Review website

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