Caring for trees after storms 

(June 4, 2024) The recent storms brought high winds, hail and flooding, which can be devastating to trees. After a storm, it is common to see trees with broken or dangling limbs as well as limbs stripped of leaves. While the leaf loss is generally not a major problem, if after several days you observe dead leaves on a branch, this may be an indication of a problem that needs assessment.  

The public is reminded to contact a certified arborist to assess their tree and assist in making an informed decision on next steps. To find an arborist certified by the International Society of Arboriculture, visit, click “Find a Professional” and search by state, city or zip code. 

If you lose a tree or would like more general tree information, visit  The best time to plant a tree is from November to April. This gives a new tree the best opportunity at surviving our brutal summers. Well-cared-for and healthy trees can survive storms and minor damage. Surprisingly “well-cared-for” does not mean constant pruning. In fact, pruning causes stress for the tree and the wound left behind never heals. What trees need more than anything else in the world is water.   

Dallas residents are reminded to stay tuned for the City of Dallas annual Branch Out Dallas tree giveaway program that takes place in the fall. The program provides Dallas residents with a free 5-gallon tree. Registration is required. For more information on Branch Out Dallas, visit  

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