Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is a fun month for those who love celebrating Halloween. It’s also one of the most important months of the year where millions of women and men recognize Breast Cancer Awareness. Tributes pour in around the country to honor breast cancer survivors while raising awareness by sharing stories and resources.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, each year in the United States, about 255,000 women get breast cancer and 42,000 women die from the disease. Those numbers are staggering, however, taking a proactive approach can considerably reduce the outcome of this disease. Perform routine self-checks and schedule a mammogram annually for detection.

Dallas resident and breast cancer survivor Patrice Virgil can attest that a simple screening can be the exact thing that saves a life.

“ I remember doing a presentation at church in 2011, regarding the importance of receiving a mammogram screening,” said Virgil. “I was 41 years old. A week later, I went for my mammogram; 3 weeks later, I was having surgery for breast cancer.”

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Virgil believes it is important to share her story because it can possibly help someone else.“ If I could give others advice, I would tell them to get their screenings yearly, she said. “Learn their family history. Pay attention to your body! Be sure to speak with your doctor regarding any change in between mammograms.”

Doctors will tell you to keep a healthy weight and exercise often. If you are not sure as to what you should do, contact your doctor, a family member or a friend for help. You do not have to go it alone.

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