A New Environmental Youth Initiative Aims to Build a Sustainable Future

A New Environmental Youth Initiative Aims to Build a Sustainable Future

The City of Dallas is proud to introduce the Dallas Environmental Youth Advisory Council. It is an initiative that aims to empower and mobilize the youth to take proactive steps towards environmental sustainability within the governmental sector.  

“Our younger generations are already so passionate and knowledgeable about environmental and climate issues.  It is crucial that we provide a venue for our youth to continue to learn about protecting our natural resources through everyday actions and major changes, as well as impacting the climate crises. They have the opportunity to demonstrate their thought leadership and contribute to building healthier and more sustainable communities,” said Carlos Evans Director of the Office of Environmental Quality and Sustainability. 

Advancing environmental sustainability is essential in larger cities such as the City of Dallas. Urbanization, congested roadways, loss of green spaces, strained infrastructure, and heat islands are issues that the city faces. The Environmental Youth Advisory Council plans to tackle these issues through partnerships with City departments, the Dallas Environmental Commission, environmental agencies, and other organizations through education and hands on work in our communities.  

Teens in Dallas are encouraged to apply and be a part of this initiative.

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