Paradise at home: Virtual vacations during COVID-19

Paradise at home: Virtual vacations during COVID-19

Summer vacation plans cancelled? Fret not! We have just what you need for the perfect, budget-friendly summer getaway you can enjoy without even leaving the house. We’ve provided three vacation packs for your virtual adventure. Get creative with each “trip” to take your experience to the next level. You can create your own airport and flight experience, take pictures or even dress for the occasion. Pick your destination of choice and let the fun begin!

Take a trip to a beautiful Hawaii right from your living room! Throw on some island music and try out these fun ideas that’ll transform your home into a tropical paradise of relaxation. You’ll love the delicious recipes, the ocean sounds and so much more.

Trek around Europe with this three-country virtual tour perfect for families or couples looking for a cultural date night experience! Visit the royal palace, make authentic Italian food and experience one of the finest art collections in the world.

New Orleans
There’s NO place like New Orleans! Experience the culture, delicious food and music of NOLA right at home. You can create your own Girls Trip with a walk down Bourbon Street, make authentic Cajun cuisine and even experience the sounds of the birthplace of Jazz.

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