Community Courts celebrates success stories

Community Courts celebrates success stories

On March 29, 2017, Thomas Moore pled into the South Dallas Drug Court and began residing at Souls Harbor. He started treatment at Turtle Creek Recovery Center for a drug addiction. Mr. Moore has stayed focused on his outpatient sessions, community service hours and goal of remaining sober. He is now giving back to the same community that led him to the Community Courts in the first place.

Mr. Moore is an example of how the City of Dallas Community Courts can not only use the legal system for justice purposes, but also to provide a man with purpose, dignity and to able to use his story as a testimony to others. Upon his graduation from the drug courts he will be a frequent visitor to those that follow to remind that the journey may be tough, but with the assistance of the courts and self-confidence the finish line is much closer.

Ella Francis is one of the original Community Court defendants – she received a citation from the Dallas Police Department for drug paraphernalia. A crack cocaine user for 19 years, her journey with the Courts started 11 years ago, where she completed rehabilitation and her community service hours.

Ms. Francis struggled with sobriety, but believes the courts and the resources the courts connected her with is why she is now 11 years sober, with stable housing and is self-sufficient.

Watch Ms. Francis and Mr. Moore address the City Council on their successes:

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