City partners with Kiest Cliff volunteers to keep neighborhood safe

City partners with Kiest Cliff volunteers to keep neighborhood safe

On September 23, several City of Dallas departments teamed up to educate one of Dallas’ communities, Kiest Cliff, to show how they can keep their neighborhood safe, attractive and clean.

Employees from Code Compliance, Dallas Police Department, Community Prosecution and several other City departments provided educational packets on frequent code violations, and information on City services. This was the first phase of the Kiest Cliff neighborhood partnership that encompassed the boundaries of Kiest to Blue Ridge and Westmoreland to Cockrell Hill. The second phase will be Saturday October 14, and will cover the boundaries of Blue Ridge to Ledbetter and Westmoreland to Cockrell Hill.

The main purpose of this initiative is to help residents understand common code violations that may occur on their property so that corrections can be made to prevent receiving any violation notices.

Common violations include:

  • Grass and weeds taller than 12 inches
  • Overgrown vegetation obstructing the right of way (street, alley and sideway)
  • Tree limbs hanging lower than 15 ft. over the street or alley and 8 ft. over the sidewalk
  • Substandard structures (including fences) having peeling paint, rotted wood, holes or missing slats
  • Improperly placed bulky trash, litter, or outside storage
  • Junk motor vehicles that are inoperative and/or partially dismantled and have expired license tags or safety stickers
  • Roll carts not stored on the side or rear of the structure

Programs such as the Community Hand Tool Program are available to provide groups like neighborhood associations with equipment at no cost to mow grass, cut vegetation and clean up litter in their neighborhood. For information about this program please contact the Department of Code Compliance Services, Nuisance Abatement Division, 2721 Municipal Street, 75215​, or by phone at 214-670-8200.

In addition, neighborhood associations interested in eliminating graffiti, can reach out to the Graffiti Abatement and Prevention Program and receive paint, supplies and training to paint over graffiti in their neighborhood. For more information contact the Department of Code Compliance Services, 2721 Municipal St., 75215, or call 214-670-8200.

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