How to [successfully] travel with kids at Dallas Love Field

How to [successfully] travel with kids at Dallas Love Field

Flying can be a stressful experience.

Flying with infants and/or toddlers can be even more stressful during the holidays. To help relieve the pressure of your travel days, here are a few tips to help you navigate Love Field Airport with children.

* Love Field has an array of family-friendly restaurants. There are sit-down, grab-and-go and fast food options in the main food court, offering something the whole family can enjoy.

* Family-friendly restrooms are located in both the secure and non-secure portions of the terminal. A nursing room is located in the stem near Sky Canyon.

* While waiting to board a flight, families can enjoy the Lil’ Luv Lounge, a children’s play area located in the stem portion of the concourse.

* Shop at Creative Kidstuff, a popular retail shop offering many educational games, toys and books for children.

* Love Field Lost and Found, part of the Customer Experience division, is located in the terminal and is open seven days per week. Items lost at the TSA checkpoint or within the terminal go to Love Field Lost and Found. Items let on a jet bridge or in an airplane go to the respective air carrier’s lost and found.

* Early mornings are busiest at the airport, so if you are concerned about crowds while traveling with children, mid-day or early afternoon flights would be best. The TSA checkpoint is busiest 6 a.m. before the first flights of the day.

* During busy travel times, such as holidays, Love Field personnel will be in the terminal promoting the Captain Kiddo Club. Children who sign up for the Captain Kiddo Club have the chance to make a Love Field button, receive a free T-shirt and have their photo taken.

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