Sprucing up your neighborhood? There’s a grant for that

Sprucing up your neighborhood? There’s a grant for that

A grant is up for grabs for those hoping to strengthen and engage their neighborhood through the GrowSouth Neighborhood Challenge. A Grant Boot Camp is taking place on Oct. 24 from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the L1FN Auditorium in City Hall to choose the recipients of the grant and assist in developing a neighborhood plan.

Attendance at the boot camp is required for those applying for the grant. Eligible GrowSouth neighborhoods are south of I-30 or south of the Trinity River. In past years, groups with neighborhood associations and crime watch groups developed community projects to improve their area.

After a representative from the neighborhood successfully completes the boot camp, GrowSouth will help them determine what type of action is needed to strengthen the neighborhoods with a step by step plan. GrowSouth will coach grant recipients through applying for the grant during the boot camp and then implementing and completing the plan in their neighborhood. Past projects include beautification, park amendments, street development, reducing blight and building neighborhood signs.

GrowSouth is a comprehensive strategy to build a foundation for sustainable growth to jumpstart development in key areas in the next three years. Part of that plan includes short term and long term infrastructure and capital improvements that will support and enhance growth in Southern Dallas.

Southern Dallas has great potential for growth in North Texas, comprising the greatest inventory of land available in Dallas- encompassing 185 square miles, roughly 54 percent of the city’s area. That is enough space to fit the entire cities of Boston, Miami, Pittsburgh and San Francisco combined.

When it comes to growth potential, Southern Dallas has the land, the workforce, and the will. However, it is missing one major component, investment capital. As the city works towards growth in Southern Dallas, the goals are to strengthen and engage neighborhoods, develop a ”Culture of Clean”, debunk the myths and re-brand.

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