Public Release: City Releases Security Camera Video

The morning of the incident involving Mayor Pro Tem Tennell Atkins, the cameras at the Level 1 parking garage entrance were not working. Equipment and Building Services (EBS) asked MPT Atkins where he went after the incident on L1. He explained that he went straight to his office. Based on this information, EBS was able to locate a brief video clip showing MPT Atkins exiting the elevator on the 5th floor of City Hall where his office is located. In the 30-second clip, it appears he is carrying a briefcase and coat with his left arm.

This is the only video of MPT Atkins that EBS has located from that morning. To continue our efforts of being transparent, we are sharing this video with the public. MPT Atkins can be seen at the far end of the screen. Please click here to view the video.

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