Operation Blue Shield: Building community relationships

Blue Shield

Each and every day, the selfless professionals of the Dallas Police Department work diligently to ensure the safety of people in and around the city.

Operation Blue Shield is an on-going community-centric campaign that aims to promote better understanding and improve relationships between citizens, communities, and law enforcement agencies. The campaign hopes to promote and support the ever-changing needs of law enforcement as they work to keep citizens safe, our neighborhoods secure and our country strong.

Through open dialogue and neighborhood community-centric activities, Operation Blue Shield has a mission to create an environment of cooperation and shared visions for safe and thriving neighborhoods.

“It’s not a perception, it’s real. There’s blight in this city, there’s too much poverty in this city,” said Dallas Police Chief, David Brown. “The solutions are for all of us together, police and communities, to be all in together on the solutions.”

The goal of Operation Blue Shield is to build strength, collaboration, understanding and safe, economic growth in local communities to better establish strong, working relationships between law enforcement and citizens.

“Collaboration only happens when the power of one becomes the power of many,” said Toni Brinker Pickens, Operation Blue Shield founder.

The campaign, launched by Economic Partners Investing in Communities (EPIC), in collaboration with Dallas area civic and business leaders, acknowledges the issues, recognizes unique differences and respects diverse perspectives between all citizens and local law enforcement.

Some community-oriented programs exist in Texas, like Keep Houston Safe, but future goals are to take Operation Blue Shield beyond Dallas to set an example for the entire nation.

“The time has come for all of us to leverage our strengths and work together so we can collectively make our city, our community and our nation stronger, safe and prosperous,” said Chief Brown.

Donations help fund and grow essential local activities that are key to the success of the program. Community leaders and volunteers can also help facilitate local program opportunities. Donations to Operation Blue Shield are received and receipted by Communities Foundation of Texas, and all proceeds will be used to support, promote and fund community-centric needs of law enforcement.

For more information visit: http://www.operationblueshield.com.

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