OEQ report proposes solutions to improve Dallas ozone levels

OEQ report proposes solutions to improve Dallas ozone levels

The Office of Environmental Quality (OEQ) told the City Council Quality of Life Committee that a state plan to reduce ozone pollution would not be enough to comply with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) 2018 deadline for the city to meet federal ozone requirements.

Dallas and surrounding areas have not met federal ozone regulations since 1990 and the EPA has advised the City that the current situation must be corrected by July 2018. It’s believed that regional power plant pollution and cement plants have contributed to the problem, as well as natural gas wells and drilling stations.

Solutions proposed in the OEQ report included new metering technology for consumers, development of micro-grids and eco-districts, and requiring factories and plants to use pollution control equipment.

The Committee agreed to support the EPA’s regulations and encourage the state to bolster its plan before the 2018 deadline. To read the full report from the Office of Environmental Quality go here.


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