New video to educate health care workers about haz-mat procedures

March 19, 2015 — A local cleaning team, hired by Dallas during the Ebola crisis has created a new video to educate health care workers and companies about Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) designed to protect healthcare workers from biological or blood borne pathogens.

The course: Ebola: Safely Working in PPE was produced by Cleaning Guys, the Dallas Company that handled the first Ebola Virus cleanup in the United States. The protective equipment shown in the video can’t be found at your local hardware store or assembled from medical supplies. Rather, they are highly specialized suits designed to completely protect the wearer from contact with contaminants.

The video was produced to educate health care workers or companies who might be involved in haz-mat situations and outlines the important two-step process of putting on Personal Protective equipment. Also depicted is how to work with a partner to effectively and safely remove PPE after exiting a contaminated area.

In 1992, after a successful career in law enforcement, Erick McCallum saw the need for an emergency response and haz-mat service to serve municipalities, federal and state agencies, regulatory agencies, and insurance companies. He founded Cleaning Guys with the goal of providing the highest quality service and professionalism in the industry.

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