Historic Ambassador Hotel lost to fire

Historic Ambassador Hotel lost to fire

A 4-alarm fire burned down the historic Ambassador Hotel overnight, destroying a vestige of Dallas’ past. A staple of Dallas’ Cedars neighborhood, the hotel was reputed to have played host to celebrities, dignitaries and even three U.S. presidents. Originally called the Majestic Hotel and later the Park Hotel, the building was constructed in 1904 and was the oldest remaining large luxury hotel in Dallas.

Built originally as a red brick Sullivanesque Style structure, the hotel was renovated and renamed in 1932 into the beloved white stucco Spanish Revival Style hotel that was a familiar landmark to downtown residents and those traveling along I-30.

As an integral part of the burgeoning renaissance of the Cedars neighborhood, the Ambassador had just begun renovation after years of sitting vacant, an undertaking which was also a state and federal historic tax credit project.

The hotel was designated as a Recorded Texas Historical Landmark in 1965, a City of Dallas Landmark in 1982, and had been recently listed on the National Register of Historic Places in April 2019.


Once the fire is out and the site stabilized, Historic Preservation staff will work closely with the Dallas Fire Department and property owner to determine appropriate next steps.


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