Heavy rain leads to city of Dallas sanitary sewer overflows

Heavy rain leads to city of Dallas sanitary sewer overflows

The Dallas Water Utilities (DWU) Department reports that recent heavy rainfall caused sanitary sewer overflows at several locations throughout the city. The overflows occurred in four major drainage basins.

“The overflows were primarily caused by inflow and infiltration (I&I) of stormwater into the City of Dallas wastewater collection system,” said DWU assistant director Zachary Peoples. “None of the overflows of diluted wastewater have affected the City’s water supply.”  A list of the individual overflow locations within the affected drainage basin is attached. DWU crews are monitoring and performing cleanup at each overflow location.

DWU is complying with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) regulatory requirements related to sanitary sewer overflows. DWU customers should not be concerned when using water, as at no time was the city’s water system affected by these sewer overflows.

Although there is no danger to the water supply, the public is reminded to avoid contact with waste material, soil or water in any of the affected areas. If the public encounters waste material, soil, or water potentially affected by the spills, they should bathe and wash clothes thoroughly.

Persons using private drinking water supply wells located within a half-mile of the spill sites or within the potentially impacted areas should use only water that has been distilled or boiled at a rolling boil for at least one minute for all personal uses including drinking, cooking, bathing and tooth brushing.

Individuals with private water wells should have their well water tested and disinfected, if necessary, before discontinuing distillation or boiling. Persons who purchase water from a public water supply may contact their water supply distributor to determine if the water is safe for personal use.

TCEQ Form for DWU Public Notification 08-22-22

Wet Weather SSO Report August 22 2022_Final

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