Health officials remind residents about Zika Virus prevention

Health officials remind residents about Zika Virus prevention

Dallas County Health and Human Services (DCHHS) has released information on preventive measures for the Zika Virus, a mosquito-borne virus spread primarily through the Aedes species mosquito.

“Dallas County residents may be traveling to countries where these viruses are endemic and need to be aware of precautions to take,” said DCHHS Director Zachary Thompson. DCHHS recommends following the four D’s when dealing with mosquito-borne viruses:

• DEET – Apply insect repellents with DEET or other EPA approved repellents when outside
• Dress – wear long, loose, light-colored clothing – including long sleeves and pants.
• Drain – Drain any standing water in and around your home or neighborhood. Report standing water to 311.
• Dusk & Dawn – Mosquitoes are most active during dusk and dawn, so limit outdoor activities.

Deaths from Zika are rare. The most common symptoms of the virus are fever, rash, joint pain and conjunctivitis (red eyes). Other common symptoms include muscle pain and headache. The virus usually causes mild with symptoms lasting several days to a week.

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