Emerald Ash Borer has been confirmed in the City limits    

As part of the City Forestry Task Force response efforts, in coordination with the EAB Action Plan, the City of Dallas has partnered with the Texas A&M Forest Service (TFS) and the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) to monitor EAB populations, initiate treatment of significant ash trees, and perform limited removal of infected trees if they pose a public safety concern. The City began preventative treatment of ash species during Fall 2022 with over 200 trees treated. As part of our Action Plan for monitoring across the City, fifteen EAB traps were installed this fiscal year. 

This week, EAB was confirmed and verified by city staff and the TFS in two locations within city limits: on the west side nearby the intersection of Texas Loop 12 and Interstate Highway 30 and on the south side in the Great Trinity Forest. As previously reported, EAB was found near Dowdy Ferry and IH20 during summer 2023. 

Dallas County is currently in quarantine status along with Denton, Parker, and Tarrant counties; the quarantine is mandated by the State through the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA). During the quarantine, the moving of ash wood, wood waste, and hardwood firewood products from within Dallas County to non-quarantined counties is prohibited. 

City staff will continue to monitor and track EAB and resume tagging and treating significant ash trees (i.e., 15” or larger in diameter in good condition or large groves of ash species). Infected ash trees that pose safety issues will be removed. Additionally, the City continues to provide outreach opportunities and relevant information; residents and business owners may visit the EAB Information Center  to find resources for their property. 

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