DWU seeks community input on Coombs Creek Erosion Control Project

DWU seeks community input on Coombs Creek Erosion Control Project

Dallas Water Utilities is seeking community input on the Coombs Creek Erosion Control Project. The erosion control improvements will occur at Coombs Creek along North Plymouth Road from North Hampton Road to West Davis Street. The project consists of five Areas of Concern (AOCs) designated as AOC1 – AOC5. The design of AOC2 will be completed in conjunction with the adjacent North Boulevard Terrace extension project by Public Works. 

The proposed erosion control improvements include a combination of gabion structures and turf reinforcement mat to mitigate tree impacts and allow the growth of native grass. The project will address erosion occurring at various locations along Coombs Creek and protect nearby properties. The project cost is estimated at over $2.6 million and will be funded from the 2017 Dallas Bond Program.   

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing guidelines, Dallas Water Utilities is providing the project design plans online to facilitate public feedback. The public is encouraged to view the Coombs Creek Erosion Control Project design drawings for sites AOC1, AOC3, AOC4 & AOC5 here or at the bottom of the document.

Dallas Water Utilities is currently accepting written feedback. Click to Download Comment Card
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The deadline to receive comments is July 17, 2020. 

Comment cards can be submitted by email to:
Bishnu Subedi, P.E., Sr. Engineer at [email protected] or
Estela Ornelas at [email protected]

Please email questions about the Coombs Creek Erosion Control Project to:
Bishnu Subedi, P.E., Sr. Engineer at [email protected]

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