Dallas OEM announces Mobile Emergency Alerts

Dallas OEM announces Mobile Emergency Alerts

The City of Dallas Office of Emergency Management released the Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) system to allow Dallas residents the opportunity to receive emergency alerts on their mobile phone.

The City has several warning and alert tools to inform residents of dangers. However, residents and visitors have requested multiple avenues to receive information on imminent threats and warnings.

“The Wireless Emergency Alert system can be issued for three alert categories,” said Assistant Emergency Management Coordinator, Kevin Oden. “Imminent threats, AMBER Alerts, and Presidential messages.”


Dallas currently has 156 outdoor warning sirens to alert residents to approaching threats. The outdoor sirens are designed to send those outdoors inside to find information on the alert through broadcast or internet news media.

“WEA messages are short 90 character text-like messages,” Oden said. “They are not affected by network congestion and are free.”

The WEA system lets the City provide the public with more life-saving information when seconds and minutes count. For more information visit DallasEmergencyManagement.com.

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