Dallas City Manager to propose more officers, higher pay

Dallas City Manager to propose more officers, higher pay

On July 7, we experienced one of the greatest tragedies in our City’s history with the loss of five officers and many more injured. Since then, the Dallas Police Department has been working closely with City officials to identify millions of dollars to expand the police force, an increase in pay for officers and additional equipment that ensures the highest level of safety.

AC Budget Proposal

A.C. Gonzalez, Dallas City Manager, to propose budget in August 2016.

The City of Dallas is purchasing additional vests, helmets, ballistic panels for vehicles, cameras for helicopters and firearms for our police officers. We are also providing the DPD Fusion Center with additional tools to enhance intelligence gathering. The City and DPD are also exploring less lethal technology capabilities that increase officer safety and limit the use of firearms.

“In combination with challenges the City is facing on a number of fronts, we are re-prioritizing some of our resources to fulfill Dallas Police Chief David Brown’s requests for more officers, higher pay and better equipment,” said City Manager A.C. Gonzalez. “We are also working with elected officials at the local, state and federal levels in addition to private donors who have all expressed a desire to financially support our police department. We are committed to supporting and protecting our officers so that our officers can protect others.”

Protestors have a rally planned for today. The Dallas Police Department will not interfere with the lawful and peaceful assembly of any individuals or groups exercising their first amendment rights. DPD’s response to marches, protests and rallies has changed, but those changes will not be discussed due to security reasons.
“I am proud of how our officers are determined to continue working these events to ensure the safety of all citizens, despite such tremendous loss,” said Chief Brown. “I appreciate the City Manager’s efforts to provide us with additional resources.”

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