Dallas Animal Services exceeds 90% annual live release rate for the first time

Dallas Animal Services exceeds 90% annual live release rate for the first time

Dallas Animal Services (DAS) reached a major milestone by finishing Fiscal Year 2019 – 20 (September 2019 – October 2020) with a live release rate of 90.6% for dogs and cats. This is the first time in DAS’ history that the fiscal year’s live release rate has exceeded the 90% threshold.

“This year has presented DAS with challenges no one could have possibly predicted,” said DAS Director Ed Jamison. “But with the help of our incredible Dallas90 community of adopters, fosters, volunteers, rescue partners, donors and supporters both locally and nationally, DAS was able to reach the historic achievement of an average live release rate above 90% for the year, even during such unprecedented times.”

The DAS live release rate this fiscal year (90.6%) is up from 86.4% in Fiscal Year 2018 – 19  and 61.3% in Fiscal Year 2015 – 16. In just 5 years, DAS has saved 30% more lives with a 17% increase in adoptions, a 228% increase in lost pets returned to their owners and an 81% decrease in euthanasia.

In November 2018, DAS announced its Dallas90 community outreach campaign, designed to engage Dallas residents in lifesaving efforts. The campaign encourages adoption, fostering, volunteerism, community partnerships, and emphasizes community engagement with the goal of being the largest animal services organization in the nation to sustain a live release rate of over 90%.

“Our work is far from over,” said Jamison. “Though we have achieved Dallas90, the real challenge will be to sustain it, particularly with the daily operational challenges brought on by the pandemic. As we move into 2021, we will continue to think outside the box to find lifesaving solutions while remaining committed to public safety, but we still desperately need the community to continue stepping up. Maintaining this milestone will require an ongoing commitment from residents to foster and adopt, especially as our capacity continues to increase.”

DAS is in need of adopters and fosters as DAS is currently nearing their capacity for care. DAS has over 140 pets available for adoption and many more that need a temporary foster home. Both the adoption and foster processes at DAS are done remotely with curbside pet pickups in order to limit human contact and the risk of COVID-19 exposure.

Learn how to help DAS save lives and be a part of the Dallas90 community at dallasanimalservices.org.

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