City working to increase commercial and residential recycling

City working to increase commercial and residential recycling

Although progress has been made in the City’s recycling efforts, Sanitation staff reports there’s still work to be done.  At just 21 percent, Dallas has one of the lowest landfill diversion rates in Texas, and 20 percent of Dallas households do not have recycling roll carts.

Increased recycling helps conserve raw materials, saves energy, protects the environment and saves much-needed landfill space. More than 140 community recycling locations are available in Dallas.

A January 1 ordinance established a monthly recycling fee for commercial properties. Additionally, businesses and households that do not comply with recycling rules are penalized. Businesses can receive a maximum of 10 recycling roll carts, which are collected weekly; 34 businesses have used this service so far.

From October 2015 to May 2016, 37,642 tons of recyclables were collected. According to the Dallas Zero Waste Plan, the goal is to have a 40 percent diversion rate by 2020.

Click here for a map of recycling locations. shows how to recycle or dispose of specific items.

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