City of Dallas Security Officer helps homeless vet

City of Dallas Security Officer helps homeless vet

For eight months, Willie King, a homeless and partially blind veteran, slept between the trash bins at the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center, eating from the trash bin and constantly falling down.

WP_20160727_004Many people offered to help, said Community Courts Manager Dianne Gibson, including nurses from the Hospital, but he usually turned them down. But City of Dallas Security Officer Terry Brookins never gave up on serving the man who once served our country.

“I watched Officer Brookins help this man every day with quiet dignity and respect,” Gibson said. “He did this and managed to never let it interrupt his day-to-day job duties at the center.”  With Officer Brookins’ help, King is now living with his brother and receiving his VA benefits.

“We send a special thank you to Officer Terry Brookins for going above and beyond to help the citizens of Dallas,” Gibson said.

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