City of Dallas implements immediate police reforms

City of Dallas implements immediate police reforms

Dallas is one of first major cities to produce policing transformations. On Friday, June 5, 2020, Dallas City Manager T.C. Broadnax delivered a set of 11 action steps in the Dallas Police Department (DPD) that are focused on accelerating an effort to foster and build trust among myriad Dallas communities and DPD. The reforms include specific and concrete measures that will alter long-time policing policies in Dallas.

Broadnax outlined the transformative moves in a memo last night to the City Council announcing the launch of One Dallas: R.E.A.L. Change, a platform aligned with 21st Century Policing. R.E.A.L. is an acronym for responsible, equitable, accountable and legitimate efforts to build and maintain a more perfect union among all of Dallas.

“We have definitely made progress,” said Broadnax, “but we acknowledge it’s not enough. R.E.A.L. change mandates more innovations, both short-term and long-term that will create safer neighborhoods and modify police protocols and policies.”

There are six immediate action steps, some implemented this week and all will be accomplished by the end of August.

  • A Duty to Intervene Policy was implemented June 4, 2020. DPD Chief Reneé Hall issued the new general order Thursday night. It compels DPD members “to either stop or attempt to stop, another employee when force is being inappropriately applied or is no longer required.”
  • By June 12, 2020, Chief Hall will also implement a Warning Before Shooting Policy, meaning officers must warn a suspect or detainee before firing a weapon at the person.
  • The Roll Call Training Bulletin June 3, 2020 restated the department’s ban on chokeholds, a policy that has been in place since 2004.
  • The police department and manager’s staff will review all use-of-force policies and offer changes or revisions needed by August 28, 2020.
  • Monthly reporting of officer contact data on all traffic stops and citations will begin by June 30, 2020.
  • DPD will create and implement a body and dash cam policy to release critical incident videos by June 30, 2020.

The remaining five action steps also extensive, including a robust Early Warning System to identify officers with three or more incidents which may indicate need for additional training and support for such officers. Broadnax described these initial steps as “the floor, not the ceiling” of reforms and cultural changes at Dallas City Hall. As a beginning, he sent a memo to all City employees urging them to begin conversations within departments about the topic of racism.

“Let’s see what we can all learn from each other,” said Broadnax in the letter to employees. “Please join me in the conviction that we are stronger together than when we are separate. I am hopeful that as One Dallas (and that means all of us) we respond to these enormous challenges with empathy, excellence, ethics and equity.”

Broadnax pledged to implement improvements that will facilitate a new era of acceptance, justice and opportunity in Dallas. The City manager participated the Mourning at the Plaza prayerful remembrance of George Floyd and the Blue Backs Black Lives Matter at City Hall Plaza Friday.

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