City asks for public help to identify structures for Operation Crackdown

City asks for public help to identify structures for Operation Crackdown

Operation Crackdown is returning to Dallas August 1-15 and the City is asking the public to help identify buildings for demolition. Operation Crackdown is a Texas National Guard Counterdrug Program that teams with cities across Texas to knock down structures that are proven drug trafficking locations.

Operation Cracktown Team | City of Dallas

Operation Crackdown helps rid neighborhoods of gangs, drugs, and associated violent activity and allows for community revitalization.

“More than 80 percent of abandoned or open buildings show signs of drug abuse, prostitution or criminal activity,” said Senior Assistant City Attorney Trent Teague. “Crime rates are twice as high on blocks with abandoned or open buildings as on controlled buildings blocks.”

To submit a structure for possible demolition contact Code Inspector Anica Lazarin at [email protected]. Provide an address, owner name and contact information, family member names, phone numbers, current address, email and community contacts by Friday May 20. Include the words “OPERATION CRACKDOWN” in the subject line of the email.

The City must be able to contact the owner and the owner is required to give the City permission to demolish the structure, at no cost to them. Owners are allowed to keep the land.

“Operation Crackdown has the potential to transform a street,” said Community Prosecutor Amanda Chase. “Kids that never felt safe playing outside can enjoy their neighborhood again after a problem property is demolished.”

For general information about the Operation Crackdown campaign contact Trent Teague at (214) 952-3259.

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