Be Citation Free in 2023

Be Citation Free in 2023

Court and Detention Services is helping people become citation free in 2023.

Now extended to Wednesday, Feb. 8, warrant fees will be waived when the respondent donates a package of three or more new socks.

The respondent must drop off their socks when they check in with the court clerk to see the judge.

All socks will be donated to the Office of Homeless Solutions who in turn will donate as they deem appropriate.

Court and Detention Services wants to emphasize that those trying to resolve their Class C misdemeanor citations will not be arrested.

“You do not have to fear coming to the courthouse and being arrested. We never arrest when one is wanting to clear up outstanding warrants,” said Gloria Lopez Carter, director of Court and Detention Services.  “The courthouse has always been a safe harbor location for those with outstanding City of Dallas Class C misdemeanor warrants.”

Outstanding citations can be resolved at the Dallas Municipal Court building, 2014 Main St., Dallas, TX, 75201.

A government issued picture ID is required when checking in to respond to any citation.

Options to resolve your citation include paying online, in-person at select retail stores, by mail, signing up for a payment plan, participating in community service programs and other court programs.

For more information, please contact 3-1-1 or (214) 670-0109 or click here.

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