Brian the Great Pyrenees goes home

Brian the Great Pyrenees goes home

Dallas Animal Services is returning the Great Pyrenees to his owner. The dog was found and photographed standing guard over the body of his dog companion who was hit by a car. Although the staff at DAS dubbed him Snowball as a temporary name while in their care, the furry Great Pyrenees’ real name is Brian. The dog Brian was standing guard over was also owned by the same family, so the two dogs were daily companions.

The photos created a wave of support and encouragement for the dog through social, local and national media, reminding people that dogs have the capability to love too. The owners of the dogs wish to enjoy the reunion with their pet out of the spotlight and ask the media to respect their privacy. Though they are being reunited with one pet, they did lose another.

The family told DAS that they accidentally opened the garage door and the dog ran out Saturday evening. DAS will we be microchipping and neutering him. Staff at Dallas Animal Services (DAS) says the owners provided the necessary proof of ownership for the dog Tuesday so he will be returned to their care.

While at DAS, the dog seemed to be grieving the death of his companion he was found guarding on the side of the road. When the Great Pyrenees was dropped off at DAS, he was relatively clean, making staff believe he had an owner somewhere. DAS says the dog did not have a collar or a microchip.

The Great Pyrenees is very mild mannered and enjoys the company of people. He got a lot of love at DAS while he waited for his owners to pick him up. He has a habit of nudging people near him to encourage more petting. DAS received an overwhelming amount of attention from people interested in adopting the dog, but he will be returning home with his owners once he is neutered.

DAS says they currently have three other Great Pyrenees in their shelter, along with many other breeds of dogs, who are ready for adoption and in need of loving homes. The runaway Great Pyrenees is just one example of many in the Dallas area.

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