State of the art recycling facility opens in Dallas

State of the art recycling facility opens in Dallas

Dallas cut the ribbon on its new Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) on March 28. The facility processes more than 250 tons of recyclable material per day and will process and recycle approximately 5,000 tons of materials every month.

The project began in December 2014 when the City of Dallas issued a procurement for recycle processing services, with the option to have a private company build a new facility on 15 acres near the McCommas Bluff Landfill.

Cartons like juice, soy milk and ice cream containers can be recycled at the facility, and a buyer for the materials has been located in the DFW area. The MRF has an education center in the administration building and a viewing platform in the operational facility to accommodate tours for schools and other interested groups.

The City of Dallas signed a 15-year contract and 10-year extension with the designers of the recycling facility, FCC. The multi-million-dollar project created 35 jobs per shift along with administrative positions. Revenue generated from the MRF will be added to the revenue share program with the City of Dallas.

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