Residents reminded to sign up for a Garage Sale Permit this summer

Residents reminded to sign up for a Garage Sale Permit this summer

During the spring and summer in Dallas, not only does the temperature rise but also there’s a rise in requests for garage sale permits with the City of Dallas’ Code Compliance department. During this time, Code grants between 150-175 garage sale permits per week.

“Garage sale permits are one of our most important and most requested permits,” said Supervisor of Revenue and Collections for Code Compliance Services, Rosa Pecina.

A garage sale permit allows a Dallas resident to sell their property at their residence.

“A permit is required because the Dallas City Council approved an ordinance in 2010 that indicated anyone who would like to sell their items would need a permit. It’s also required for Code so that we regulate it while making sure the neighborhoods are safe”, said Pecina.

A resident looking to receive a garage sale permit is given two every twelve (12) months.

In the past, residents could get a garage sale permit at the library but now residents are asked to either request a permit online or visit the Code Compliance Services administration building at 3112 Canton Street Dallas, Texas 75226.

Learn more about the process by visiting Code Compliance Services online.

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