Read down library late fees

Read down library late fees

You’ve heard of spring cleaning, now it’s time for some spring reading.

For the month of March, Dallas residents can get credit toward any outstanding library fees by logging the time they spend reading.

Every 15 minutes of reading equates to $1 in fee forgiveness. In addition to reading, participants can get credit by signing up for library e-materials or participating in a library program.

Participants can get credit for themselves, or give their time to someone else.

“This program not only encourages Dallas residents to read. It also ensures that all Dallas residents have equitable access to the Dallas Public Library by helping people get credit for their fees they may not have otherwise been able to pay,” said Heather Lowe, Assistant Director of Technology and Strategic Direction for the Library.

Banked minutes will be distributed to each branch library based upon the poverty rate in that area, helping to forgive library fees that belong to lower income families and individuals. To date, over $30,000 has been raised to forgive accrued fees allowing the library to reinstate blocked card holders.

Dallas Public Library stopped charging customers fines for late returns in 2019. However, materials that are lost or damaged result in a replacement fee charged to the customer’s account.

There are 707,495 active library card users in the Dallas Public Library. There are currently 107,252 library card holders who are blocked from checking out materials due to fees.

For more information, or to participate in the program, click here.

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