Public asked to submit entries for “Operation Crackdown”

Public asked to submit entries for “Operation Crackdown”

The City of Dallas is asking citizens to help identify structures in neighborhoods for possible demolition. Operation Crackdown is a Texas National Guard counterdrug program that teams up with cities across Texas to knock down structures that are proven drug trafficking locations.

To submit a structure for possible demolition, contact Code Inspector Anica Lazarin at [email protected] by Friday, June 22. Submissions must include the address of the property, owner name and contact information, family member names, phone numbers, current address, email and community contacts. Include the words “OPERATION CRACKDOWN” in the subject line of the email.

The City must be able to contact the owner, and the owner is required to give the City permission to demolish the structure, at no cost to them. Owners are allowed to keep the land.

Structures that may qualify for demolition may include:

- Vacant and substandard structures

- Properties with a known drug or crime related problem

Operation Crackdown will take place from November 5 to November 15 throughout Dallas.

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