Public input needed for Homeless Solutions Strategy

Public input needed for Homeless Solutions Strategy

The Office of Homeless Solutions (OHS) is seeking public feedback on a proposed Homeless Solutions Strategy to address homelessness in the City of Dallas. Citizens are encouraged to attend an in-person meeting

Tele Town Hall Meeting 7-11-18

Tele Town Hall Meeting 7-16-18

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Pending approval from City Council, the four-track program will concurrently meet the immediate need by providing habitable living environments for the unsheltered while developing the infrastructure for sustainability by increasing the supply of affordable housing.

Overall homelessness and unsheltered homelessness has increased by 9% and 23% respectively since 2017. Please join OHS to discuss the following Homeless Solutions Strategy:

Track I: Increase Shelter Capacity
Expand the capacity of existing providers through contracted pay-to-stay shelter beds.

Track II: Temporary Homeless Centers
Provide shelter and support services for up to 90 days in the 4 quadrants of the city simultaneously.

Track III: Master Lease/Landlord Incentive Programs
Provide security deposits, rent, utilities, and incentives to tenants as well as incentives and risk mitigation services to participating landlords.

Track IV: New Developments
Leverage the $20M Proposition J (Homeless Assistance Facilities) of the 2017 Dallas Bond Program for permanent supportive housing targeting chronic homeless; rapid rehousing addressing the elderly, disabled, families with children and young adults; Day Centers for seamless wrap-around services.

Click here for meeting schedule: Homeless Solutions Strategy Meetings List

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