First Dream Court makes debut in Dallas

First Dream Court makes debut in Dallas

Nancy Lieberman Charities and WorldVentures Foundation and Sport Court have teamed up with the Dallas Police Department and Parks and Recreation to provide Dallas Strong Dream Courts to 12 underserved neighborhoods. They will be located in City of Dallas’ parks.

Dream Courts are multipurpose play spaces built to provide children in underprivileged communities a safe area to play basketball, interact socially, and learn important lessons about teamwork and good sportsmanship.

The first location selected for these state of the art basketball courts, was Willie Mae Butler Park / Larry Johnson Recreation Center, 3700 Dixon Ave.  They will provide a bridge for the relationship between Dallas Police Officers and the communities they serve and protect.

The next Dream Court will be unveiled at the JW Ray Park, located at 2010 North Washington Avenue. Nancy Lieberman announced there will be 10 more Dream Courts in the City of Dallas in the coming years.

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