Damesha Turner December Employee Spotlight

She received a WOW card because… She volunteered to help with the scheduling of over 20 candidates for new hire processing. Not only did she get everyone scheduled but she went above and beyond by making sure that each one had hiring packets upon arrival. She continues to show commitment, great customer service, sensitivity and teamwork throughout the entire Human Resources Department.

She attributes her success to… The fact that she enjoys learning and helping others. “What better way to live your life than to help others.” Wanda Davis has been a great inspiration for her since being employed with the City of Dallas. She has always helped her in every possible way, making sure that whatever she is doing is done according to City policy and procedures. She has always been someone she could go to for help and direction.

Her customer service philosophy… “Everybody is somebody and needs to be treated like they are somebody.(From the homeless man on the corner to the President of the United States of America).”

What she does in her spare time… She likes to cook, do crafts and sewing. (Bringing Pinterest items to life)

Her accomplishments… Raising two beautiful children whom she loves dearly and thus far it seems as though they are going to be great people. She feels accomplished and is taking it one day at a time.

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